“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but rather the one most adaptable to change.”‚Äč

I started out in IT, where I further developed my technical affinity and a hatred for moaning people with computer problems. After thee years of working and being annoyed by people with easily solvable computer problems, I went on to study Digital Communication, where I learned to combine technology with people. Sadly, that doesn’t mean I learned how to create an army of cyborgs. That would’ve been pretty awesome…

Nowadays I have become an all-rounder capable of quickly adapting to change around me and avoiding people who bring me down to their level. I’m not just technical, I’m also highly creative, which is why I am a writer as well as a database manager. Please note that my use of the word creative is no bullshit. I wrote a book and countless articles. I put my mouth where my words are at, although not in the literal sense. That would not make any sense at all.

This blog is all about my creative side and the things I enjoy in my “spare time”. The definition of which still baffles me, because I usually spend it doing things. I never have any spare time. If it were possible, I’d buy time. One possible solution to this would be if I didn’t require sleep, but that doesn’t seem a viable option, yet. I enjoy writing, reading, watching movies, playing video games. Most people would consider me a geek, or possibly even a nerd. I usually consider it as a compliment when they say it.

Currently I’m employed as a Database Manager. Which means that I manage data and databases. Most people would still classify me as being in “I.T.”, however I always point out that I do know a lot about data, but not about computers. That way I don’t end up spending every weekend reinstalling everyone’s computers after they screwed up and give weak excuses like: “One moment it was working and then I clicked on ‘something’ and it stopped working!”. I’m also under contract with Celtica Publishing, which published my debut novel “The Shaedon Resurgence – Book I: The Fall of Netherea”, which hit the stores in October of 2015. I’m eternally grateful for them to support my dream. If you haven’t read it yet, make sure you order a copy and support a brother who’s trying to live the dream!

Have fun on my blog!


Me with my first novel!

Me with my first novel!