Once you’ve got a plan, stick to it!

January has come and gone and it’s been one busy month! After January, I thought it would be nice to review what I’ve accomplished of my plans so far and whether I found myself not sticking to the plan. I’m very happy to answer that I did not betray myself thus far. It feels great and that’s all thanks to the simple idea that you should set achievable goals. As I wrote earlier this year, I’ve committed myself to ten goals I wish to achieve this year. I want to take a look back at January and look ahead at what my plans are for February and the other upcoming months.

Planning, planning and some more planning

Just like Hannibal, I love it when a plan comes together. After writing down ten personal goals for this year, I have a pretty clear idea what will keep me busy this year. Of course, writing down all these goals doesn’t mean I’m going to work myself into a burnout, that’s why I’ve kept all of my plans S.M.A.R.T., so I don’t push myself past the breaking point.

I love it too, Hannibal!

I love it too, Hannibal!

After writing down my goals, I set a few alarms to go off at the end of this month, so I could evaluate what has become of them so far. Some of them are still ongoing, while others don’t start until later this year. What I managed to accomplish of my ongoing goals up to this point:

• Read 1/12 books (1 each month). I’ve read “Drägan Duma 2: Bondgenoten & Verraders” and wrote a review of it (in Dutch).
• Went to the gym 3-4 times a week before work.
• Finished the storyboard and script for the book trailer of the “Fall of Netherea”.
• Finished writing two chapters of “The Zar’Aranos Deception”, the sequel to “The Fall of Netherea”.
• I put six articles on my blog so far this year. My goal is 26 this year. So that’s looking very promising.

Oh February, you are like the diet version of January

I have to admit, January and February always make look forward to March, so spring can begin. They are usually months filled with nothing but work and little to no releases I’m looking forward to. On the other hand, I’ve started looking at them as months where I can get a ton of work done and that’s what January has been good for!

So, with February just getting started, I already have my work set out in front of me. I’ll be doing a ton of writing, reading and thinking! And of course, the only thing that keeps me going is working out regularly and watching what I drink and eat.

This month, in terms of putting myself on the map, I’ll be working on a crowd funding plan. My idea is that with the help of crowd funding, I could spend that money on a kick ass book trailer, or possibly even a cartoon introduction to book II. I’ll be sharing information on my crowd funding plan as soon as I’ve got something more concrete.

Everyone's reaction when they see my crowd funding plan :P

Everyone’s reaction when they see my crowd funding plan 😛

Speaking of book trailers. I managed to finish a quick storyboard and script for the book trailer of “The Fall of Netherea”, because I really feel like that could still help promote my first book, which has been out since October of 2015. The next step now is to ask Peter if he feels like making assets, so we can start animation work on it. And I’ll be looking for a suitable female voice actor as well.

Upcoming events and other news

During my meeting with Rianne, from Celtica Publishing, we discussed upcoming events this year. Of course, I’ll be joining my fellow colleague writers (Patty van Delft, Evi Verhasselt and others) at various events that Celtica is attending. Here’s a short list of where you can find me so far this year:

March 12th Gothic and Fantasy Beurs
March 13th Gothic and Fantasy Beurs

April 23rd Elfia
April 24th Elfia

July 2nd Antwerp Convention
July 3rd Antwerp Convention

August 2nd Castlefest
August 3rd Castlefest
August 4th Castlefest

Besides all these wonderful venues there’s also some other great news. Last Saturday, 30th of January, I went to the American Book Center in Amsterdam to deliver four of my books for consignment. Which means that my book is now being sold at my own favourite book store. That’s one thing I can scratch off my bucket list!

My favourite book store!

My favourite book store!

So, how are you all doing with your resolutions? Did you manage to stick to your plan, or have you quit, like a pussy? And please don’t give me that crap about the word pussy being utilized in a unfriendly manner towards women. Every educated person should know that the word was derived from pusillanimous. Thank you very much!

Happy sticking to your plan!