The Beginning of the End

They say all things come to an end. That’s what I’ve felt ever since I started writing the first words for the last entry in the Shaedon Resurgence trilogy. The first chapter has been sent to my proofreaders and I’ve started working on finalizing the plot and filling in all the gaps to ensure my protagonists make it to point Z, which will be the ultimate ending of a story that’s been stuck in my head for over five years now. It truly is the beginning of the end!

The End is near!

Well, it is and it isn’t. Of course, I still need to write a lot before I’ve reached the ending of my story, but I’ve been up to a lot lately and not a lot of that has involved actually writing. I’ve had some personal stuff to deal with, and there are changes at my work, which cause a lot of disturbance in my personal life. All of that has caused me to lose focus on writing for a moment. Real life is happening and at the end of every day all I wanted to do was escape from it and just play some video games or watch some series or a movie. In the meantime, I realize that I’ve set several goals for myself this year and I really want to meet all of them. So, that’s why I thought now would be a good time to see where I stand.

And why is it happening to me?

And why is it happening to me?

Reading and writing is fun!

This is something I’ve been constantly reminding myself of every day, which is also why I’m actively trying to keep it all up. One of my goals was to write something every day this year. Well, I’ll openly admit that I didn’t do it every single day, but I’m allowing some leeway by counting two things as two separate dates, to fill in those dates I did nothing. That way, I’m cheating myself to completing the goal regardless. There never were any set rules when it came to my own goals, as long as I achieve them. 😉

The other goals all seem to be going pretty well so far. I’ve lost weight since the start of this year, I’m reading every week, I’m writing as much as I can, but I’m also allowing myself to slack off a little. I realized I had written two books in a relatively short period of time, given the fact that I’m also working 36 hours a week. I don’t think book III of the Shaedon Resurgence will be better if I force myself to write. It needs to be fun to do it! I’m having a lot of fun guessing what my readers will think of the last part of the trilogy. Especially the ending I have in mind. It’s going to be a major shock to everyone, if my predictive skills are any good.

Music is important to me

People who know me, know I love music. Recently I’ve taken a great liking to synth/retro wave music after I got a tip from one of my colleagues. A band called “Gunship“, which also happen to have done a song for the movie Turbo Kid, which was one huge 80s retro fest. Now I’m listening to all kinds of retro wave bands/artists. One of my favourites so far is Lazerhawk. I’ve basically been playing all of his songs on repeat constantly. Even as I’m writing this.


Check that shit out, it’s so good if you’re into the 80s sound!

I also got my hands on tickets for Distant Worlds: music from Final Fantasy, which I’ll be visiting in May this year along with my BFF Patty van Delft. I’m already looking forward to it! I’ve also bought the Phil Collins biography, which I will read after I finish Bryan Cranston’s one. I don’t know if it’s just because it’s those dreary winter months, but I find great comfort in listening to music, especially those types that aren’t quite mainstream. I would recommend everyone to try something new every now and then.

Music and writing go together like jelly and peanut butter

Granted, I’m all about combos. I don’t like jelly and peanut butter, but otherwise I’d have a severe lack of a good analogy. I never write without music. In fact, I go about putting my writing playlist together with rigour. I’m even thinking about making playlists for specific scenes. I wrote most of the last chapter of book II with just five heavily depressing songs on, just so I could get into the right mood. I think it worked, because so far I’ve heard a lot of my readers comment on the ending.

For book III, I’m planning on making specific playlists for certain character’s  storylines and scenes. I’ll be putting them together on Spotify, so you can have a look there, if you’re even remotely interested in what I listen to while I write. Spoiler alert: It includes all of the Mass Effect soundtracks and many more from scifi movies and games. In fact, here’s a link to my current playlist:

So, what kind of music do you guys enjoy while reading and/or writing? Please drop me a line!

Happy reading and listening!