The Love for achieving Stuff

The first week of 2017 is already halfway done (a grim indication that time flies) and I’m back at work. As usual I like to celebrate January at work and this year is no different. Except that I planned to do a lot of fun stuff in the weekends and use the steam I still have left to write in the evening. This blog is my first of this year and I’d like to take some time to show you my goals for this year and why they’re so important to me. Let’s get started!

Achievable goals 101
Last year I wrote an entire blog article about the importance of setting achievable goals. This year is no different for me and I’ll be using Evernote again to keep track of my goals as the year progresses. After some careful consideration I set ten goals, just like I did the previous year. This is the list for 2017:
My goals for 2017
As you can see a lot of my goals this year are writing related. What a surprise! A second thing that stands out is that most of my goals are ongoing and should be achieved by the end of the year, rather than earlier. Last year wasn’t much different. One exception is that I really want to have the plot summary for my third novel done in the first quarter of this year. The other is that I really want to get my left arm sleeve tattooed this year and preferably before summer.
Same old, same old
Some of the goals I set for myself last year have made a glorious return for this year. The most important being getting in shape. The obvious reason is that I didn’t manage to reach this goal and I want to make up for it this year.
Other goals I’ve inherited from last year are reading books, writing blog articles, attending events with my publisher Celtica Publishing and increasing my Facebook page likes. I just want to ensure I continue doing what I do, because it feels good.
Writing goals
One thing is for sure, I am absolutely certain that I won’t finish the last book of my trilogy this year. I wrote book I in three years and book II took me close to two. Since I don’t want to rush the trilogy’s ultimate ending I am going to take it a little bit slow, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be sitting still either. And since you can’t call yourself a writer, unless you write, I’m challenging myself to write something every day this year. This includes any type of writing, including this article you’re reading right now. So, not just working on my novel(s). So far, I wrote every day and it feels great!
Get inked and go away!
The remaining two goals regard a journey of both the spiritual and corporeal form. First off, I’ve been thinking about getting my lower left arm tattooed with a sleeve for five years now and I’m absolutely certain that I want it by now. So I’ll be looking for a tattoo artist who can make my dream come true with the wishes I have this year and hopefully get inked later this year. The other goal is to go some place I’ve never been. My shortlist consists of Japan, Ireland and Norway. I’ll be deciding which it’ll be later this year.
Putting it all into practice
Like previous year, I’ll monitor my goals every month, but also daily with my brand new journal. I feel that it really helps me to focus and keep things in perspective by writing in my journal daily. And by this I don’t mean “dear diary” type of messages, but short, to the point and most of them lists with tick boxes. It is a self-made bullet journal after all. I might be blogging about that later on!
So, what are your goals this year and how will you go about achieving them? Please drop me a line!
Happy planning for 2017!