Review: A Street Cat named Bob

Bob de StraatkatBob de Straatkat by James Bowen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My sister gave me a copy of the Dutch edition of “A Street Cat named Bob”, which she had found lying around somewhere. I thought it was pretty funny that not only the book was about a stray cat that found a home, this stray book had also found a new home with me.

Normally I prefer reading books in their original language, because so much is lost in translation. However, it didn’t really feel like this was a necessity with this book, given its biographical nature. The book in itself is a simple and fast read with the occasional laugh and tear moment.

The struggle of James as a junkie was, of course, one of the main issues that was addressed in this book and since the book is written from a first person perspective you see everything from his eyes. Living on the streets of London isn’t easy, but with the help of Bob, it becomes a lot more bearable.

I wanted to read this novel mostly because I love cats. They’re far more intelligent than we give them credit for and the author seems to agree with me on this. The only thing that bothered me sometimes was the need to repeat things a lot.

I’ve also seen the movie about halfway through when I was reading the novel and it differs way too much from the book. As always, I’d recommend reading the book first, it’s much better than the movie. Although I’d still recommend the movie, as long as you view it as an “alternate universe” story, you should be fine.

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