Review: Monster Hunter: World

Me and my friends are always looking for fun games to play cooperatively. It’s usually just us three playing something for a while before moving on to the next game. We had a good run with World of Warcraft, but that game lost its shine and appeal for my friends, who played a lot more casually than I did. Ever since we all got a PS4 we’ve been playing quite a few games in coop mode. Borderlands 2, Rocket League and Star Wars Battlefront, to name a few. I promised myself that I wouldn’t be buying any new games in January, since my backlog just keeps growing. I still have Xenoblade Chronicles in the box, untouched, among other titles that I’ve yet to boot up. Anyway, long story short, when one of my BFFs mentioned Monster Hunter: World (MH:W), we decided to get the game at launch and see what it’s all about. I was not disappointed…
Let’s hunt some monsters!
MH:W was not my first experience with the Monster Hunter IP. I dabbled in some monster hunting on the Wii U with Monster Hunter III Ultimate. This has definitely given me an edge when it came to playing this game. A lot of it felt familiar and in essence, this is just another Monster Hunter title. It feels safe to say that this game is definitely not for everyone. People who are expecting a game that takes you by the hand and explains everything should steer clear of this title. People who don’t like hours of farming materials for their new armour pieces should avoid this game too. What it all boils down to is that Monster Hunter titles have always been about farming and repeating many fights against the same monsters. Which is also the biggest pitfall of the franchise.
Two big monsters that you'll run into at some point or another in the Ancient Forest

Two big monsters that you’ll run into at some point or another in the Ancient Forest

At its core Monster Hunter World is a fun, action packed RPG, that will leave you hungering for you next hunt. Every minute I haven’t been playing for the past week I spent daydreaming about my next big hunt and acquiring that new armour piece, or weapon upgrade on my wish list. If you love games where your progression can be measured after every fight, you shouldn’t look any further.
Preparation is key
One thing you need to realize when playing MH:W is that you need to be prepared every time you set out on your next hunt. Eating meals before you go will give you some nice bonuses, like extra HP, stamina and several other small bonuses, like attack up, resistance up, etc. Knowing when to eat which meal can give you a slight edge in the next fight. You are also given thirty item slots in your “backpack”. These will fill up very fast when you set out on your hunts and pick up every herb, mushroom and other collectible along the way. Also, you’ll need to bring supplies on every hunt as well, potions, energy drinks, buff items, traps, bombs, etc. Especially if you’re going on a capture type mission, you’ll want to bring additional traps and tranquillizers. The game will give you some items at the start of every mission in a chest, but you’ll quickly reach a point where those items will be vastly inferior to the items you can craft yourself.
The more the merrier
I originally got this title because me and my friends were looking for a new game to play cooperatively. It has to be said that MH:W truly shines when you play it in multiplayer. One of the biggest let downs is also that the game doesn’t properly support playing the game’s “story-mode” cooperatively until you’ve seen that mission’s cut scene. Why this odd choice was made by Capcom will probably forever remain a mystery, but it really bummed us out. What we did was play a mission up to the cut scene and then join each other. But this sometimes meant playing through a mission by yourself for over fifteen minutes before being able to team up. This is the game’s biggest problem, luckily it shouldn’t pose a problem when you finally play through the main story, which is said to be about 30-40 hours of gameplay.
Siona and Leto, my main characters

Siona and Leto, my main characters

Once you play other missions, like investigations, optional missions, and event missions you’ll get to enjoy playing with your friends for a full run. This is where the game shines. Nothing feels as epic as hunting down a big monster with your friends. The game upscales monsters as well, meaning the fight will be challenging enough when you team up, but it will be easier, since the monsters won’t have just a single target to focus on.
Hours and hours of fun
I’m about seventy hours in this game and haven’t yet finished the story mode, but I’m well over halfway. What I can say is that I’ll be playing this game for the end game content. It sounds cliché as fuck, but this is one of those games that starts at the end game. I can’t wait to reach the end of the story, so I can try my hands on hard mode battles, which come in the form of tempered monsters. From what I gathered these are fights that will really put your skills to the test.
Diablos. I finally managed to kill this bastard on my last session!

Diablos. I finally managed to kill this bastard on my last session!

I’m not sure if I’ll be hunting for the Platinum trophy on this one, since it looks to be a true grindfest to reach it, but I will definitely give it a shot, since the trophy list in itself doesn’t look as impossible as with most Capcom titles.
Final score: 9/10