Review: Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter Code

Star Wars: The Bounty Hunter CodeStar Wars: The Bounty Hunter Code by Daniel Wallace
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

When I found out about this book, and the existence of three others; The Jedi Path, The Book of Sith, and The Imperial Handbook, I was very excited. I hoped that this book would be filled with lore, ideas, and perhaps a bit of philosophy. The book was an entertaining read, but alas also a bit dry, sometimes even dull.

First, let me tell a little about all of the good stuff, and to manage your expectations when picking up this book. The book is a beautiful hard cover, the print is in full colour and all of the illustrations are superb. It’s perfect for any devoted Star Wars fan and it will give you a lot of background information on becoming a Bounty Hunter.

The last part of the book is all about the Death Watch, a new order of Mandalorians from the Clone Wars era. This is the most lore heavy part of the book, and I’m glad it ended with this section, because I was drudging through the rest, and losing my interest a little.

The largest part of the book contains all the information an aspiring Bounty Hunter in the Star Wars universe requires to do his/her job. The book concerns itself with what the Bounty Hunters Guild does, how one can become a member, and what gear you need to prepare yourself for one of the most dangerous jobs in the galaxy. Sound exciting, right? Well, it would be, if you weren’t reading pricing lists, or other dry stuff about choosing the right type of vehicle. It seemed almost as if the writers wanted to take one of the most exciting jobs in the galaxy, and make it sound as dull as possible by dragging it down with “required reading”. Maybe it’s because I already knew most of the stuff, but it just wasn’t exciting to read at all.

Overall I’d recommend this only to the most devoted Star Wars fans. All others I’d recommend picking up a Star Wars novel, instead of this. I’m hoping the other three books are a bit less dry, and more exciting, or insightful than this one has been.

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