Review: The Last Templar

The Last Templar (Templar, #1)The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

The Last Templar caught my attention when I was heavily into Assassin’s Creed and I loved the whole Templar theme in those games as well. After this book lingered on my to-read pile for over a year, I finally decided to pick it up and give it a read.

There are a whole bunch of things that I didn’t like about this book, but first, let me start with the things I did like. The start was phenomenal and really made me want to keep reading. The premise of a raid on a museum and the subsequent investigation was all very exciting. Sadly, this stopped as soon as the characters left America and went on a wild goose’s chase for some ancient artefact.

The book has a staggering amount of chapters (86) and I thought some of them ended at very illogical places, because the scene was going on in the next chapter. There were also a lot of chapters towards the end which were nothing more but monologues from certain characters, regarding religion. I didn’t mind reading them, because they offered some intriguing insights and valid points, but still I think they could have been spaced out a bit more.

The last 100 pages or so of the book took me forever to finish. By that time I had lost all of my interest in what was going on and was just hoping the end would surprise me. It turned out that the ending was way too convenient and cliché. I was also very surprised to see one of the main characters do a complete 180 degrees change in opinion.

One of the better things about this book were the scenes set in the past. In all honesty, I was hoping the story would contain more scenes from that time period than present day. They were well written and made me very excited to find out more about the Templar order.

Overall, this book was OK, but it definitely has its faults. If you’re looking for an easy read and don’t mind clichés, I’m sure you’ll have a good time with it.

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